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Left to our own devices, we are far more likely to advocate for someone in the workplace because of an affinity bias (a tendency to associate with those who are like us), or a stereotyping bias (assuming someone will fit into a certain stereotype because of superficial information we have about them).

In fact, this is one argument as to why the pace of change in creating inclusive workplaces has been so slow – those currently in senior leadership roles unconsciously tend to support, or informally sponsor, those who are like them, creating a perpetual cycle.

The Sponsorship experience key outcomes include:


Building senior leadership awareness that the employee experience is not equal


Creating safe spaces to have real and gutsy conversations around the privileges and biases that exist in all workplaces


Providing senior leaders access to talented individuals who are ‘different’ to them and address potential blind spots as to what ‘talent’ looks like


Using a Sponsors’ power, privilege and reputational capital to promote, protect and propel talented individuals and in return, accelerate a Sponsees’ confidence, connections and career opportunities.


Enhancing leadership effectiveness and promote adopting a person-centred approach to leadership


Changing and improving newly-acknowledged systemic bias in the workplace collectively


Of Sponsees had been promoted within 6-months post program in an industry specific Sponsorship program


Of Sponsees experienced a positive Transformational Leadership behavioural change in an industry specific Sponsorship program


Of Sponsors described positive changes relating to their leadership approach 6-months post program in a global Sponsorship program

Client Testimonials

Of all the training programs I’ve taken part in during my 13 years in KPMG, this is absolutely one of the most rewarding ones which brought invaluable experience to me both personally and professionally.

It has been a true learning experience, and I have to say that the content, structure and take aways from my perspective have been eye opening…That is thanks to you all, and testament to the success of the program.

I have participated in several diversity and inclusion programs in my last four workplaces and the MOSAIC program was by far the best I have seen as it targeted two key objectives at once: lifting females up and also creating change from the top in a highly effective framework.

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