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The quality of your life will mirror the quality of the questions you ask yourself

The title line is a well-known statement and while it may seem rather simplistic in nature, the impact of bringing this to life, to your life, can be quite profound.

Let’s start unpacking this statement by focusing on ‘quality of questions’. The secret to asking a good quality question is to consider including a presupposition . Simply put, you can insert a linguistic assumption that supports you moving forward or taking action

For example, you could ask yourself the question, ‘Is this working?’. Your answer is going to be a basic response. Using a presupposition, the question becomes, ‘How is this working for me?’ It assumes that it is working on some level and moves into considering a much broader range of responses with the intent for reflection and deeper analysis or examination across a number of variables.

In most instances, a key factor in positioning good quality questions to yourself or others is ensuring the presupposition assumes there is a solution, moves forward or action can be taken. For example, ‘How can we turn this around?’.

Building on this further, language matters. 

The language we use, especially our internal self-chat, generates emotions which then drive behaviours, leading to results. Importantly, disempowering or negative emotions promote avoidance. This is important when we ask ourselves questions.

Poor quality question: Why does my job suck the life out of me?

Good quality question: How can I find a better way to do my job that adds value to me and others?

Good quality questions should generate empowering emotions which drive you to take action. And here’s the good news, you have the power! 

The power to shift those questions you and I ask ourselves each day, to insert the presupposition – the linguistic assumption that there is a solution or action can be taken – and use language that generates empowerment.

Yes, the quality of your life will mirror the quality of the questions you ask yourself!

With this in mind, my questions for you are:

  • What is a great quality question you can ask yourself at the end of each day?
  • What is a great quality question you can use in meetings or engaging with others?

Feel free to share your thoughts and responses below.

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