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Effective mindset? Make scents

In our last edition, I shared with you the secret to time travelling, encouraging you to consider the specific scents that evoke positive emotions and memories for you and think about ways you could build these scents into everyday rituals to leverage these positive emotions.

I thought it worthwhile building on how you might use smell intentionally – beyond the usual scented candle for mindfulness, relaxation purposes. I know this might be a little ‘woo woo’ and perhaps unexpected for some but I’m a big believer in tapping into tools that we already have – our nose – and using it and a few key scents to support productive & effective mindsets.

Here’s a couple of experiments for you to try:

  • Feeling a little out of control, the home office is messy, the laptop device has just needed it’s eleventyith update of the day? 

Try lemon scents as they evoke a sense of cleanliness and order (note: this is why so many cleaning products use this scent). 

  • Had a big night or feeling fuzzy when you need to be in top gear? 

Pop a peppermint flavoured lolly / tic tac to stimulate mental clarity, boost energy and concentration levels (this is my go-to tip just before you need to present or influence others).

  • Need to make a big decision or stumped with solving a problem?

Grab some rosemary from the garden as it stimulates cognitive functionality, makes you more alert and increases accuracy.

Now, I know there may be some doubters, so to support my position here’s some facts to be aware of. ‘Scent’ marketing is an actual thing – in fact, it is a multi-billion-dollar industry! In Melbourne, almost 10 years ago now, NAB enhanced the banking experience by scenting their new branches with lime and grapefruit. And, we now have the emergence of the ‘Digital Scent Market’ – AKA as e-nose technology.  Yes, you did read that correctly!

Hmmm, interesting right? 

The key takeaway in all of this for me is, through understanding our current state of mind, we can move to another more effective mindset, purely by using scent.

 With this in mind, my questions for you to consider are: 

  • How do you become aware of your current mindset and if it is serving you effectively?
  • What scents make sense for you to experiment with?

Final thoughts about the power of smell according to the author of Perfume, Patrick Süskind:

“Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will.”

Feel free to share your thoughts and responses below.

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