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Multi-billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes has it and I bet you do too

If you’re thinking what could I possibly have in common with co-founder of Atlassian Mike Cannon-Brookes? Well let me riddle you further. You can add Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou and pretty much any high achiever to the list as well.

What am I talking about? Well, it’s the fear of discovery, also known as Imposter Syndrome

Last time, we spoke about 6 of the most common fears that may be holding us back from getting in the arena, and their antidotes. In this edition, it’s dedicated to that fear of discovery –  the chronic self-doubt and sense of fraudulence that ignores any feelings of success or legitimate evidence of competence. And it’s rampant – particularly in highly successful people. 

Myth-busting time: Men do experience imposter syndrome. My hunch is men just don’t discuss this feeling as openly as women do.

So, what triggers imposter syndrome? Ironically, when others recognise your success, for example through an award or being promoted, this can unleash a huge amount of pressure related to increased visibility and responsibility. It can also lead to feeling you do not deserve success or accolades and somehow you are deceiving others because you believe deeply that you lack knowledge or expertise. It tends to manifest itself with the common tendency to attribute success to luck, good timing or other external reasons, rather than your own abilities. You may also struggle to accept compliments, are falsely modest and downplay success altogether.

Sound familiar? 

Here’s 3 steps you can take to help you step into the arena and lessen the impact of imposter syndrome:

Step 1: Recognise, acknowledge & accept

Awareness is the first step to change so when you recognise these feelings, acknowledge that it’s perfectly normal to have them, that this is common and that working through these feelings will provide an opportunity for growth and learning.

Step 2: Reflect and reframe

Reflect on your past achievements and when you’ve moved through these feelings of being an imposter previously – because you have! Reframe this current situation by being kind to yourself – it’s ok not to know what you’re doing! There will be a steep learning curve and you won’t get it right the first time, so allow yourself to move into an ‘experiment to learn’ mindset.

Step 3. Share, seek, reach.

Share how you’re feeling with trusted people, seek out someone who has been there before for guidance on this current situation, reach down to nurture the next generation – gain perspective on how far you’ve come. You’ll be surprised how common this feeling is and you may learn some new tips on how others have navigated their own imposter feelings. 

Now, some questions for you to reflect on:

  • How does fear of discovery AKA imposter syndrome manifest for you? 
  • Who are your ‘go to’ people for Step 3 – share, seek, reach? What do these people have in common?

Feel free to share your thoughts and responses.

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