How we measure success

Many organisations understand the value of inclusive leadership but struggle to effectively embed sustainable change and achieve a return on their investment.

Our goal is to ensure this doesn’t happen for our clients through unique design and delivery and by combining empirical-based and independent measurement component to provide full program evaluation and effectiveness.

Pathway To Your Potential (P2YP) sponsorship programs are designed to help propel organisations to meet the demands of the current moment and the movements towards change; to engage leaders and foster greater awareness between diverse individuals, promote advocacy for emerging talent, and create a workplace that works for everyone within it.

Partnering with an independent research organization, Measured Leadership Qualities (MLQ), and using the Transformational Multi-Factor Leadership Questionnaire we survey participants across a range of qualitative and quantitative questions designed specifically to measure the program’s impact on their leadership, confidence, individual and collective behavioural changes to quantify the organisation’s return on investment.

The measurement strategy involves online surveying of program participants over three distinct time periods:

Participants will need to invest approximately 15-20 minutes each time to complete the survey. Qualified organisational psychologists and researchers then analyse the data collected across all time periods and prepare an academically rigorous white paper report. This report can be used for tracking and reporting on the impact of equity initiatives and to substantiate your organisation’s strategy and ongoing commitments. 


Of Sponsees had been promoted within 6-months post program in an industry specific Sponsorship program


Of Sponsers described positive changes relating to their leadership approach 6 months post program in a global sponsorship program.

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