How to Leverage Difference

Inclusive leadership – we all know it’s important but how do you know if you really are leading inclusively? Particularly in these ever-changing times.

‘How to Leverage Difference’ is a complete online course that provides access to current best practice, guidance as well as resources designed to support you.

Critical self-development to meet increasing expectations for leaders today and in the future. Importantly, it puts you in charge of taking action, experimenting to learn and ultimately aims to make you a better leader.

Key outcomes:


Take action to address and challenge your own biases across all aspects of life.


Understand intersectionality and what it means for you and your teams.


Recalibrate behaviours and actions to build an inclusive mindset that acknowledges the employee experience is not equal.


Move from Bystander to Upstander through practical actions and leverage difference effectively.


Become a better leader each day, every day.

What this course includes:

Video content from Pathway to Your Potential’s founder, Dr. Jess Murphy.

Interactive activities to embed your learnings.

Relevant resources, tips and tricks designed to help put you in charge and ensure you’re making conscious decisions to lead inclusively.

Take Action.

Become an Upstander today.


Leading inclusively to involve and leverage differences is no longer an abstraction, a someday goal, or just another box to be checked off – it’s an imperative.