Sandie Pullen

Sandie is a human-centred design practitioner and strategist and has been working in corporate environments – mainly in social impact roles – since 2004. Throughout her career, she’s led, designed and created opportunities that seek to make people’s lives better and improve how we relate to and connect with each other.

Sandie facilitated collaborations, conversations and workshops on pressing issues like social isolation and loneliness and trained people in design thinking methodologies and practices.

Her industry experience crosses healthcare, logistics and financial services and she has presented at all kinds of things including design conferences and thought leadership forums.

Most recently Sandie has been guiding a team of 10 healthcare providers through a design challenge focused on improving services to support patients with their pain management and mental wellbeing. In this role she has introduced the team to human-centred design thinking and equipped them with practical skills and knowledge, coaching and supporting them along the way.

Here’s another snapshot of some work Sandie has delivered:

To help reduce social isolation and loneliness, Sandie was part of a cross-functional team who designed and piloted the Neighbourhood Welcome Service. Leveraging Australia Post’s reach and trust, the service connected over 800 people within six months to their local Post Offices and Welcome Spaces like community organisations, neighbourhood houses and cafes. The process saw her lead research and co-design sessions, and facilitate continuous improvements.

Sandie is always looking for new ways to learn and grow and bring integrity, kindness, positivity and excellence to everything she does.