Ross Calia

Ross Calia is a multi-disciplinary artist, having practiced for over 20 years. Working across photography, music composition, sound-design, visual art and directing, he has come to specialise in immersive art experiences; both for public exhibitions and commercial commissions.

Ross was recently awarded a Lume Artist Award for Immersive Art, culminating in a film-based digital artwork that ultilises over 100 multi-surface projectors and 32-channel surround-sound musical score. The work will debut in the opening season of Melbourne’s new large-scale digital art gallery, ‘The Lume’, and features a collaboration with Wiradjuri dancer, Ella Havelka and Kamilaroi Astrophysicist, Krystal de Napoli; exploring the deep connection between indigenous Australians and the stars over the millennia.

Ross is a specialist in portrait photography and his filmmaking projects are predominantly people-focussed; a product of a life-long dedication to elevating everyday people through art and telling authentic stories.