Rita Cincotta

Since May 2018 Rita has had a portfolio career.  Her three portfolios are coaching, consulting and board work.

In facilitating groups, Rita works with individuals and teams to draw upon their own experience and leverage their key strengths.   She encourages people to connect with new ideas and concepts that enhances their approach.

Rita helps to build self-awareness so participants can be more effective in their personal and professional life.  Her approach encourages the individuals that she works with to find and connect with their “why”, therefore supporting them to live a fulfilled life.   Rita’s clients can expect honesty, open communication, and a practical approach.

Rita also has almost 20 years of experience in HR at C-suite level working across several different sectors, including financial services, technology, health and aged care.  Her work with clients in various industries including: technology, health, aged care, higher education, property and construction and financial services.