Deepak Shetty

Deepak’s purpose is to be of service and help leaders and organizations unlock their potential.

Deepak has had the privilege over the last 20 years of working in six countries with client partners like Bosch, Cap Gemini, DXC, Ford, Infosys, Mercedes Benz, Oracle. He is known as a facilitator who creates spaces that are reflective, enables honest conversations, challenges thinking and helps create impact for leaders, their teams and the organization.

Deepak holds a MBA degree and is certified to use instruments like:  The Leadership Circle, Clarity 4D and the Leadership Dialogue. Learning languages has been a passion of his and he is proficient in five.

Based between the dynamic cities of Melbourne and Bangalore, Deepak designs and facilitate workshops in the areas of Inclusive Leadership, Cross Cultural Leadership, Courageous Conversations, Inclusion and Diversity, Learning Agility, Executive Coaching with TLC.