Anna Webb

Anna’s value proposition is to work with people to improve the resilience, wellbeing, and performance of leaders and their people.

Anna’s focus is to help people build a positive mindset that drives individual engagement and performance, equipping people and organisations with the principles to succeed and thrive.

Taking the latest research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience, Anna supports individuals and organisations by introducing effective workplace interventions to enable people to flourish.

When people have purpose, feel engaged and empowered, they produce their best work.  Anna believes the only sustainable business advantage is through people and leadership.

With 25 years’ experience in learning and development, Anna’s strength is working with people through individual coaching and facilitating leadership programs and applying her extensive knowledge of the current research and practice of positive psychology and emotional intelligence. This involves enabling people to increase self-awareness, effect desired change and by working in partnership enable individuals, teams and organisations to flourish.