Cognitive Diversity

Most of us are aware of cognitive diversity but how do you determine your own cognitive diversity?

Our Clarity4D Cognitive Diversity tool can be used not only for your personal or career development, but can also be applied in better understanding personal relationships, team dynamics and leadership styles.

Key Learning Outcomes


Enhanced self-awareness and a greater appreciation for the impact you have on others


Seek feedback from people (professionally and/or personally) to identify approaches and styles and what needs to be done to actively involve others


Understand how to adapt approaches to build rapport, motivate and influence those ‘different’ to us


Taking action to become a better leader

What’s Included?

Your own personal Clarity4D report to discover how you see yourself.

2D Feedback report to report to review others’ perspection of you.

Learning activities and select resources to support greater insights and learnings as you explore key areas.

Each lesson ends with ‘Taking Action’ section which requires you to reflect on your learnings and opportunities to act on them.

The first step is discovering your own cognitive diversity through our Clarity4D tool.

From there, you can explore key dimensions and take action to ensure you unlock the value in cognitive diversity – not only for yourself, but also for your team and others in your life.

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